Our approach

Model building – Analysis – Evaluation – Optimization

The multibody simulation (MBS) is another field of numerical simulation in which we are successful. Using Adams, we can analyze and optimize the correct mechanical-physical behavior of moving components, assemblies, and kinematic systems.
We perform virtual tests and validations to analyze the system’s behavior under different conditions. This includes the examination of strength, stiffness, dynamics, energy efficiency, and other performance aspects.

Our range of services

  • Generation of complex mechanisms
  • Support of massed components
  • Analysis of reaction, bearing, friction forces
  • Analysis of moments and mass inertias
  • Collision considerations and envelope volume generation
  • Optimal and functionally appropriate design of components
  • Representation of deformations
  • Output of tables, graphs and animations
  • Elastokinematic systems with consideration of the inherent stiffness of the involved bodies in it’s dynamic behavior
  • Simulation of mechanisms with nonlinear behavior of system components (e.g. predetermined breaking points in case of overload or defined plastic deformations)
To adress the tasks described here, we use Adams!

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